Founded in 2004 by Shepard Fairey and Roger Gastman, SWINDLE maintains an eclectic fan base due to their broad range of coverage including fashion spreads, artist profiles and social & political issues around the globe. Their latest issue (#19) features the artwork of world renown graffiti writer, tattooist and illustrator Mike Giant with a signature black and white illustration gracing the cover. As usual, the San Francisco resident never disappoints. A further look into the article can be found via Swindlemagazine.com.

Mike Giant’s career is the result of genuine curiosity and decades of drawing for five hours a day. He’s been — and remains — a world-class graffiti writer, tattooist and illustrator with his REBEL8 line. He’s made zines, skateboard designs, animations, prints, collages and stacks of interesting artist and company collaborations. He travels all over the world, rides his bikes, practices mindfulness, smokes a gang of weed, and is a fully tattooed goofball that one can bring to dinner parties.


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