brian morris

Brian Morris lives on the southern side of Chicago, married, eats alot of red meat, prefers pinot noir, favorite color is black, draws because he likes to, second favorite color is black, born in ’76, works in advertising, ’62 Cadillac in the garage, dead kitty’s name tattooed on his wrist, doesn’t believe in God, believes in people, heavy metal poser, country music, Sharpies, Faber-Castells, doesn’t correct his drawings, tattoos, deep in love, early to rise, saver not a spender, knows you can’t take it with you, raised in a small town, college degree, practice makes perfect, loves toys, collector of HotWheels, enjoys the darker side, steak, potatoes, breakfast with his wife at the Ramova Grill, not a big fan of TV, would go to bed at 9PM if he could, smokes too many cigarettes, doesn’t smoke enough cigarettes, loves black cherry Kool-Aid, boobies, and he won’t design you a tattoo.



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