The “Coney” plush is based on artwork by Brian Taylor, better known as “Candykiller“. One of the best character designers out there, Brian’s work is a stellar blend of old-timey cartoons with a modern edge.

The Coney stands 14″ tall, and has a weighted base. That’s right, it’s a free-standing plush figure. He’s also got burly arms, a cigarette dangling from his snarling lips, tattoos, and a bad attitude.

Made of high-quality canvas, the artwork is silk-screened. And awesome. Both color and mono versions will be available. Color version is limited to 250 pieces, and Mono is limited to 50 pieces. The Mono version will ONLY be available through the upcoming Bigshot Toyworks Factory Store! In addition, the Bigshot Factory Store version of each plush will include an exclusive, limited edition letterpress print, signed and numbered by the artist!

And if you want this kick ass plush get them here..



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