When Kidrobot dropped the Adult Swim mini figures, they tried to create exact copies of adult swim characters. Coupled with a so so production quality they looked more like gumball machine toys. When Kidrobot made the Simpsons Mini Figures, they were caricatured to 3.” I remember Hero Design ran out of them quick, as opposed to several of the Adult Swim toys floating in the “Land of Forgotten Toys.”

Thankfully when Kidrobot produced the Futurama toys, they went with a winning strategy.

Created by Matt Groening with David X Cohen and Kidrobot, the series has 12 3″ characters, blind boxed, plus two chases, and sell for 8.95 each. Goes on sale at Kidrobot and official places like Hero Design on August 13th. I’m so excited I could spit.

Matt Groening teams up once again with Kidrobot to release his less mainstream, but just as awesome, Futurama characters in to vinyl. 12 three inch characters, two blindboxes, $8.99 (or something like that) at Hero Design studio and other Kidrobot retailers. Like right now. Mark and Beth totally let me get in after hours and get a peak at em, and I scooped up a few to start a collection I plan on finishing. I was really waiting for this series, well that and the new series of Futurama on Fox…. can’t wait for that either.

I can’t go into Hero and think I won’t buy anything, especially when such a bad ass series like Futurama just dropped from the KidRobot heavens.  And while I glimsped a peek at one of the chases (Slurms McKenzie), the jury was still out on what the second chase was. Today’s meander into Hero and Design Studio and Boutique was fortuitous; I snagged the second chase, who is none other than Sal.

I feel pretty gangster, but a litle bummed that Hermes or Proffessor Farnswuth, or Kiff didn’t make the series. Maybe there will be a second series… I can think of 12 more characters I want to see. For now, I’ve managed to snag Sal….



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