“There was a time when playing video games was all about spending all your change in those dark places known as Arcades or becoming someones best friend because he had that console that no one else had, waiting 15 minutes for the game to load, or blowing on the diskette when it didn’t load. It wasn’t perfect, but it was our universe. And it’s from this universe that grows the desire to portrait the first heroes, the villains, the cheat codes, the basic colors on the 8-bit sounds, the power-ups and all this that changed the nowadays panorama of video games. Add fuel to the fire, akaCorleone, Fidel, Jucapinga, Min, Phomer, Target & Tosco, start the first round of “Push-Click”. They are gamers, they are artists and the get together to present new original works, limited edition screen prints, games and old school gaming accessories… from back in the days when the definition was low and the pixels were less.”

Start time: Thursday, May 5th, 2010 at 21h
End time: Monday, June 6th, 2011
Location: MONTANA SHOP & GALLERY LISBOA – Rua da Rosa 14 G, Bairro Alto



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