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Humans and animals and nature have a lot in common, which is a fact that constantly fascinates and infuriates many. On one hand, you have people fighting day after day for animal rights and for the protection and conservation of nature. On the other, you have people who blatantly disapprove of global warming and deny the scientific ties between what humans are doing and its affect on nature.

The World Wildlife Fund has been crusading for decades for the conservation of nature. They’ve made it their mission to keep the world safe for all wildlife. For their fiftieth anniversary, WWF has launched a new campaign entitled My World, which is intended to heighten global awareness of issues and hopes to solve them.

To promote the project they created a wonderful video entitled The World Is Where We Live, which compares everyday, human occurrences to that of their natural and animal counterparts. From architecture to locomotion, it’s very clever how they’ve drawn lines between man made happenings and natural, animal made occurrences. The video is really, really great and makes you want to help out and save the planet as much as you can.

Take a look at the video and, if you feel so inspired, please help WWF celebrate it’s 50th anniversary by getting involved in the cause by click here.



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