Carlão (Da Weasel), Fred (Orelha Negra) and Regula together. Until now, an improbable trio but it happened and the brand-new project is named 5-30. The debut single “Chegou a Hora”, released today, is a preparation for the album, “O Momento É Agora”, which will hit stores on the next March 31st.
Sam The Kid, Richie Campbell, Alexandre Bernardo, Diogo Santos, Mel Hebers, Here’s Johnny, Holly-Hood, Sara Badalo and V-Unik are some of the guest artists that will be part of the debut album.



Celebrating 10 years of Ed Banger Records, Ed Rec Vol X is a 14 track compilation featuring all brand new tracks by our favourite Ed Banger artists like Justice, Mr Oizo, SebastiAn, Busy P, Cassius, Breakbot, Mickey Moonlight, Feadz and more. And here is the amazing launch video, directed and hand drawn by Jean André & Yue Wu, for the first track of the compilation, X Intro by Mr. Oizo. The compilation is available to download on iTunes or to order at CLUB 75’s online shop.


Last Tuesday, Die Antwoord introduced us to their newest hit. “Fatty Boom Boom” is a bright and colourful African adventure, complete with wild animals, zef savages singing and dancing in the streets. Then we pause for a moment to watch the drag-queen Gaga give birth to a prawn star. Yes!
Check it out below.


Bboy Tata is from New York and with is crew, Beast Coast, travels the world doing breaking battles and with his brothers and friends in NYC does street shows and he is only nineteen years old. Here is a clip that YAKfilms made with him recently in his neighborhood on their way to perform a street show in Manhattan, in Battery Park. If you love explosive moves or big flips you should check this video out. By the way, the music is by Orelha Negra. And remember, do not try any this moves you see at home!


The Rebirth of Detroit is slated for release on June 12th. More information is available on OfficialJDilla.com. Check out the official trailer, and the first single “Jay Dee’s Revenge” with D-Town MC and Danny Brown, above. Video directed by Oren Goldenberg.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The official video for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Ni**as in Paris” is set to debut tomorrow at noon. In the meantime here’s a “videojacking” of the track put together by a Parisian graffiti crew who go HAM in the Paris Metro with lyrics from Jay and Ye’s popular Watch The Throne track.



Pre-order available. Exclusive Stones Throw ship date: March 28. They ship everywhere in the world. Official release date is April 25.

As Stones Throw announced back in January, DOOM’s own label Metalface Records is releasing the first complete & remastered version of OPERATION: DOOMSDAY, containing the original album, alternate versions, b-sides and instrumentals – 42 tracks total – with all new artwork and two deluxe, metal formats:

2/CD LUNCHBOX and 4/LP METALBOX each contain a 32-page lyric book and set of 10 cards with images of the Operation Doomsday MCs. Stones Throw has an advance pre-sale for the lunchbox beginning today. These will ship out March 28th.

The 4/LP METAL BOX will be released later in Spring 2011.

1. The Time We Faced Doom (Skit) 2:04
2. Doomsday feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl 4:58
3. Rhymes Like Dimes feat. DJ Cucumber Slice 4:19
4. The Finest feat. Tommy Gunn 4:01
5. Back In The Days (Skit) 0:45
6. Go With The Flow 3:37
7. Tick, Tick… feat. MF Grimm 4:05
8. Red And Gold feat. King Ghidra 4:43
9. The Hands Of Doom (Skit) 1:50
10. Who You Think I Am? feat. K.D., King Ghidra, Kong, Megalon, Rodan, X-Ray 3:24
11. Doom, Are You Awake? (Skit) 1:13
12. Hey! 3:47
13. Operation: Greenbacks feat. Megalon 3:46
14. The Mic feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl 3:02
15. The Mystery Of Doom (Skit) 0:22
16. Dead Bent 2:22
17. Gas Drawls 3:43
18. ? feat. Kurious 3:09
19. Hero v.s. Villain (Epilogue) feat. E. Mason 2:56

Disc Two – Instrumentals, Alt. Versions, B-Sides:
1. Dead Bent (Original 12″ Version) 3:15
2. Gas Drawls (Original 12″ Version) 3:59
3. Hey! (Original 12″ Version) 4:08
4. Greenbacks (Original 12″ Version) 3:57
5. Go With The Flow feat. Sci.Fly (Original 12″ Version) 3:41
6. Go With The Flow (Raw Rhymes) 3:42
7. I Hear Voices Pt. 1 (Original 12″ Clean Version) 2:50
8. I Hear Voices Pt. 2 feat. MF Grimm (Original 12″ Clean Version) 2:06
9. Tick, Tick (Original 12″ Main Mix Version) 4:24
10. ? (Extended Raw Rhymes Version) 3.45
11. Dead Bent (Original 12″ Instrumental Version) 3:16
12. Gas Drawls (Original 12″ Instrumental Version) 2:51
13. Hey! (Original 12″ Instrumental Version) 3:54
14. Greenbacks (Original 12″ Instrumental Version) 3:56
15. The Mic (Original 12″ Instrumental) 3:03
16. Red and Gold (Original 12″ Instrumental) 5:07
17. I Hear Voices (Original 12″ Instrumental Version) 2:06
18. Doomsday (Instrumental) 4:58
19. Rhymes Like Dimes (Instrumental) 2:10
20. The Finest (Instrumental) 4:55
21. The Hands of Doom (Instrumental) 2:02
22. Who You Think I Am (Instrumental) 2:08
23. ? (Instrumental) 2:35