Daniel Soares, ‘Totally Free’

Daniel Soares is a Portuguese Art Director, currently based in San Francisco, California.

With the short film “Totally Free“, Daniel brings to us the old and gold modality of the 1970s and portraits some of the stories and the motivations of those who are still hold to the Rollerskating.

A beautiful shot, directed and edited by another Portuguese talent!


Carta aos meus Avós – A partir de Saramago

“Uma homenagem às avós, aos avôs, aos avós. Uma carta que tem as palavras que não são as deles, mas que são para eles. A partir da brilhante crónica “Carta a Josefa, minha avó” escrita por José Saramago”.

André Raposo, João Descalço e Cristiana Morais bring us this lovely tribute to grandmothers, to grandfathers, to grandparents. A letter that which words are not theirs, but is for them. Based on “Carta a Josefa, minha avó”, a chronic by José Saramago.


Jörg Kahlhöfer was my colleague in the last year of uni. He is German and he stood in Lisbon during the year 2014, studying under the Erasmus program. Few days ago, Jörg released a video about the Portuguese capital and what the characteristics that make it so unique. We agree, there is no city like Lisbon and we gotta love her! Watch it below.


London’s creative label and retail space Lazy Oaf recently put together a small collection for 2012 Spring/Summer to coincide with the latest installment in the Batman movie franchise, The Dark Knight Rises. Pieces for both men and women are included in the release, which harnesses a retro style using vintage Batman imagery across a set of button-up and sweater options. Videography by Joao Retorta and Look book photography by Viktor Vauthier.


This year’s edition of “Open Summer Jam”, which took place in Toulouse, counted with the presence of Inti, Does, Tilt, Mist, Dibo, Reso, Zeus, Opium, Chikita, Danjer, Snake, Katre, Moun, Pariz, Sarin, Dash, Der, Brok, Den, Cade, Coun, Siker, Metro, Nes, Gomer, Ogre, Lenz, Depon, Rekor, Tonce, Shefi, Seth, 100Taur, Veks, Ja, Ekors, Teoz, Spote, Xerou, Sherio, Dely, Seize and more!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/43259572 w=620&h=349&fv=]


Marcus Kuhn’s The Gypsy Gentleman has rolled through New York City (talking art and tattoos with Thomas Hooper) and Austin (where Steve Byrne got into the mix) and smoothly settles into San Francisco for the third episode. Kuhn’s approach to the tattoo documentary is refreshing, as he’s got a proper reverence for all the cultural touch points that make tattooing tick. In SF, he hangs with Jason Kundell and George Campise. Take a moment, relax, and watch.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/40476073 w=620&h=349&fv=]