Carlão (Da Weasel), Fred (Orelha Negra) and Regula together. Until now, an improbable trio but it happened and the brand-new project is named 5-30. The debut single “Chegou a Hora”, released today, is a preparation for the album, “O Momento É Agora”, which will hit stores on the next March 31st.
Sam The Kid, Richie Campbell, Alexandre Bernardo, Diogo Santos, Mel Hebers, Here’s Johnny, Holly-Hood, Sara Badalo and V-Unik are some of the guest artists that will be part of the debut album.



Bboy Tata is from New York and with is crew, Beast Coast, travels the world doing breaking battles and with his brothers and friends in NYC does street shows and he is only nineteen years old. Here is a clip that YAKfilms made with him recently in his neighborhood on their way to perform a street show in Manhattan, in Battery Park. If you love explosive moves or big flips you should check this video out. By the way, the music is by Orelha Negra. And remember, do not try any this moves you see at home!